Depression kills “Your children needs your attention”.

Why people are stressed out these days?

many of them reach a breaking point and sink into depression, anxiety and mental disorders these days .

“Depression” it’s not picky actually.

Men, women, rich, poor, white, black. No one is immune.

It is not just an illness for people with dark, mysterious pasts or chaotic presents. It is ubiquitous.

Despite this, it is still badly misunderstood. Why? Because most people have been a bit low, a bit sad, a bit depressed at one time in their life, and so can’t see what all the fuss is.

Mainly, kids and teenagers are suffering from these disorders the most . So, here the question arises .

Why Parents don’t give enough time to their children ?

Whats that one thing that leads their children towards depression , anxiety and other disorders?

Who is actually responsible for that?

These are the few questions whose answers I’m prolly trying to figure out.
And after researching and studied a lot I have figured out that our parents are the paramount reason if their children are suffering from these disorders.

The parents play a vital role in their children life . They should look around whether their children are doing well enough in school rather than depending on their school teachers. Because children spend more time at home not at school .

The parents should engage with their children in out -door activities, they need to ask them about their everyday’s rountine in school .and they better should ask them if they are having some issues in school. and if they actually running through some issues they better should try to solve them. And make their minds clear regarding everything.”Because clarity of vision” and “Singularity of focus is way more crucial “

Your children needs your attention more then anything else . If your child is spending more time on phone and playing video games , if your child have bound himself just in a single room, so that’s an alarm call for you (parents ) Your child needs your attention.

Because not involving into out- door activities and staying at home simply means your child have so many issues or maybe fears in life. and staying home is the only thing that gives them mental satisfaction.

Fear is an emotion an emotion without an action . It will take you no where but will destroy your life .

(like mostly people hesitate to (communicate with other people )they don’t like gatherings they only like to bound themselves under one roof . If this fear wouldn’t be control on time that may leads towards depression .

And especially if your children are facing sleeping trouble. That’s the most significant sign of depression.

If they are not performing well in everyday’s rountine they are feeling kida low, kinda dizzy all day long , or maybe slacky while doing some little activities. It’s actually an alarm call for you parents to wake up open up your eyes “your child needs your attention.

“yes indeed , it means your child is in trouble . They want you. They need you so bad . You should try to sit down with your children in one peace try to talk to them ,try to figure out the main reason behind their problems what’s actually bothering them.

They only need your attention and time “nothing else much more .

Parents are so much busy in their lives, they mostly have no time to listen up their children.

Maybe ,it’s because of the modern life style. That modern life style where peeps are letting down day by day .they are getting being complexed. And this thing is badly affecting their health as well. Yeah exactly that’s true.In this modern era where we living, is actually letting down poor people .

People are materialistic People are trying to let down other people and wants to win this “legit life “

Yes, that’s the basic reason why are teenagers and kids suffering from soo many disorders and that’s totally bad.

I firmly believe if you will spend more time with your children they will never go through hard times or depressions anymore. Develop confidence in Your Children . This lack of confidence will take them no where unless depression and anxiety and further more and so on .

A request to all parents to give proper time and attention to your children try to be their best friends to figure out what’s bothering them.

At that early stage of life where their brain is nourishing . And that’s your responsibility being a parent to take good care of your child . And you will definitely see progress in your children’s life while giving your proper attention and time what they actually deserve. so , that’s all about parents time , care and support with their children.

Will soon come with more fascinating topics.

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12 thoughts on “Depression kills “Your children needs your attention”.

  1. Very good post Sia and a great topic to discuss as we’ve all been depressed at some point in our lives and I liked how you have spoke out about it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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