Hello Everyone,today I have a question for you all . Why are we always scared to do mistakes if we learn from our mistakes?
That’s the question what answer I’m trying to figure out . I anticipate whenever, someone has a problem they probably question themselves why its in my destiny. Why im fascing this gruesome condition. when we were caveman we were doing mistakes it wouldn’t be erroneous to say that we did learn from our mistakes we actually did ,because where we stand today completely shows we are not caveman anymore.we build houses, industries, factories and so on..

Let me say this you are not the mistakes of your past, You are the capabilities and lessons you have gained from it . That’s what you actually are . We all do mistakes in life no one endure on this universe who have not done any mistake. I cojecture it’s a part of life making mistakes and learn from your mistakes .

Here the question arises.

If we won’t make a mistake how we will learn from our mistakes from our childhood till further on we are learning from our mistakes .

Infact , we all make mistakes and we all fail and we all blow it at one point. Alot of us make just as many mistakes as we get it down right. What we don’t do is that we dont learn from our mistakes And why we don’t learn from our mistakes and from our past failires because we are scared of being judged harshly by others. Thats why we probably dont avow our mistakes . And knowingly we do a lot of mistakes without learning from mistakes . We dont like to learn from our past mistakes and we accept to put ourselves into a box full of depression and guilt because we dont like being judged by others .

* For instance some of you had a bad relationship and you feel like dating is not for you anymore but deep down in your heart you want marriage and a happy family.

* Some of you tried to sell something and got rejected . So, you talked your way of your own business plan. The business plan you worked your ass off to come up with. The main point is that if you will keep on looking your past failure you won’t be successful in your life.

If we are not learning from our past mistakes it simply means we are demolishing our lives .

A mistake itself can be your best friend or enemy.

Do you know how?

Let me explain it to you … if you will learn from your past failure and mistakes in that case a mistake will be your best friend. Because from that mistake you had learned a lot of things what you would not like replicate in your future . But if you knowingly repeating same mistakes then in that case a mistake will be your enemy . Because that’s your own choice . You have to decide what you actually want.

You wanna learn from your mistakes or repeating them? Ego_ centric people mostly face these kinda problems in life.

According to Einstein “Egoistic people are illiterate. “

But put this ego aside and sit in one peace and think and ask a question to yourself.. whether you are doing right or wrong to yourself ?

Why are we doing this to ourselves?

If you can’t love yurself you can’t love anyone else . If you can’t love anyone you wouldn’t think good for anyone . When you not going to think good about others you wouldn’t like to see other’s on higher scale in life. And if other’s are being successful in life You will be jealous and to let them down you will do anything erroneous . You are at fault that’s an alarm call if you won’t learn from mistakes at that time. At what time you gonna learn then?

At, what time we gonna learn from your mistakes?

The relationship you had with your mistakes will be the lesson you succeed or the reason you fail..

The point is that mistake itself will not be the reason you fail.


It’s your view of mistake

That’s actually your perspective

Are you gonna take the data you have from your mistakes and apply it or you gonna sit like a wimp and cry now life never goes your way..

Look and always remember life never goes any body’s way.

A winner a successful person always goes life’s way . And a looser always sit and cry that life never goes their way.

I have a very fascinating example for you :

When it rains what you do you grab the umbrella to protect you and when it’s hot weather what you mostly do? Turn on the air conditioner . The same way you can’t control how life is gonna throw out you. But you can control how you gonna react ..

At the end , I would like to say learn from your mistakes and failure and avoid to put yourself into a box full of anxiety or depression. Think positive be positive . I hope you peeps gonna like my post and soon I’ll come up with more fascinating topics. If you do agree with me don’t forget to put down your comments below and if you have any question related to that post feel free to ask …



  1. Very good Blog Sia i can relate to this as I had a bad relationship in my teenage years and well long story short I should of learnt from the mistake the first time :p but a very good blog keep up the good work and looking forward to your next post 😀

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  2. Fear of the humiliation of failure. For me it started in school when I had to solve a math problem in front of the classroom. My 6th grade teacher loved to ridicule kids. It took a long time for me to break out of that mold.
    Great blog; is this your first? If so, best wishes for much success!

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  3. Thanks for liking a blog I re-posted, written about a make over of an old cedar chest by Jill Printzenhoff. I went back to read it. I like the way that writer describes the scenes. I could just picture layers of newspapers filled with yucky globs of scraped-off weakened paint from the turpentine. My writing helpers told me I need to work on setting the scene so people can feel where the others are at, like in a story.
    Your encouragement in this blog reminded me not to give up as I age. I still have things I want to do. I will keep at those that I can and hopefully, gracefully let go of things I don’t love to do that are getting harder to do. And I intend to do some things I put off because I was raising children, if it works out. Thanks for liking my blog. I appreciate it.

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