Why do we willfully and consciously engage in self-destructive habits?

It won’t be perfect.

You will get lost.

But you’ll always find

a way back to where you’re supposed to be.

It’s not difficult.

It’s not ..

But you can’t be caught up in your history


Everyone “Sia Billion” is here and I hope you all doing pretty darn fine. Today what I am doing to highlight is pretty fascinating.

And let me say , who is reading this post today you are only accepting yourself only as long as you look. A certain way isn’t “Self-love “it’s “self – destruction “.

“self destruction is in fact an (acting or tending to harm or destroy oneself)


A behavior that causes serious harm to oneself.

We are humans and we are not wired to do things that are difficult or scary. We are designed to do things that are easy, comfortable or non scary. That’s why whenever, we do face failure or disappointment in life we adopt self destructive behaviors.
At first it gives us mental satisfaction but it’s not necessarily fulfilling.

Here the question arises:-

“Why do we adopt self destructive behavior while ignoring our better judgment? “

The thing is that we probably don’t rationally weight the risk vs. Costs. We are humans and we want immediate pleasure and everything that makes us feel extremely happy and makes us feel good.
As for the most common eg:
Whenever, we smoke we think it’s too hard to quit or when we start taking drugs we think it’s not an easy thing to quit, it’s too painful over the few weeks to quit (cost).. But in fact it’s not properly weighted against the risks of not quitting (major illness, early death, incredible expenses for cigarettes
(cancer sticks) and hospitalization etc..

A very famous quote here I would like to share :-

“I’m afraid of two things “

#1 Success

#2 failure

Everyone wants to be successful. I mean who doesn’t? None of us wants to get a tag of a loser in life. But at some point in life we all pass through miserable times. And some of us wait until our life is problem free to be happy. If so, you could be waiting for a long time. But a lot of us get upset and put ourselves into a cage full of depression, anxiety and this thought of getting stuck in an echo chamber scares us a lot . we start agonizing that why we didn’t accept that job why did I take too long to procrastinate? Why” this “or why” that”?

But none of us can get the answer of this” why”. Me as a person dislike this word “why “ the most because, what i believe is that we are the master of our life. And trust me no one will come to change your life. you have to take the action to change the miserable situation of your life. So, get your butt pack and start finding ways to achieve your goals. Rather than putting yourself into a cage of depression and anxiety and other mental disorders.
As humans are sentimental so, rather than finding better ways to change their life, they try to find easy ways to solve their problems. But when you see life is not going your way and the miserable situation is getting worse day by day we adopt destructive behaviors. Because at first it gives us a complete mental satisfaction. Adopting destructive behaviors is not the solution of your problems. In fact, you are killing yourself by adopting such kinda habits .

But Why do we repeat self destructive things over and over again?

The list of these behaviors seems inexhaustible and extends into every aspect of life. Like work. friends, family, dating and so on..

Consequently, they suffer disappointment, rejection, failure. Often they are reduced to being miserable. Not infrequently, they seem to have some insight into their destructive behaviors. They just admit to doing “this “and suffering, therefore, from “that”, the connection is simply plain to them. Still, they do the same things over and over again. Facing failures and disappointments completely breaks you from inside but it’s not like that there is no better judgment of it. I have researched a lot and what I have figured is that.
The human brain is like a computer that controls the body’s functions, and the nervous system is like a network that relays messages to parts of the body.

There are two basic areas of our consciousness :



Now, i’m going to highlight our two basic consciousness.
“Always remember your subconscious mind is very strong and you can program it by talking to it.”

*never ever say negative things to your subconscious mind

Because it feeds as it is everything and when you “think” I can’t do this or do” that” or I can’t get this job in my entire life because I’m a loser as everyone says. or I can’t do “this” business or a job .

In fact, What you think or feel your subconscious mind automatically accept every single thing in your mind as it is. That’s why whenever, you go out for a job interview. So, before answering the questions your subconscious mind recalls that you are a loser and you are not up for this job. Even though you was well prepared for that interview but suddenly, your mind distracts you forget everything and you fail.
There are several self destructive behaviors like
*sabotaging relationships
*unnecessary self sacrifice
*spending too much
*physical neglect
*mental neglect
*going outta your way to harm others
Remember you have to program your brain. Your subconscious mind is very strong and it works 24/7 but your conscience mind sleeps when you fall asleep .

So, feed up your subconscious mind with positive thoughts don’t listen negativity and don’t listen any false about others. because once it feeds up in your subconscious mind it’s hella hard to clear it up.
We are humans and it’s our habit to agonize and it’s detrimental to our health. if you want to live a happy a long life then you completely need to eliminate negativity from your life .
Here, at last I would like to say :-
Use the logic and tell your brain that you are absolutely smart and you can do anything in life. trust me you will see better results in your life. You have to write affirmations daily, and read it loud.

Suggestion ☁️conscious mind

Suggestion☁️subconscious mind.

An expression :-

You are your own worst enemy

And that’s absolutely true we are destroying everything in life.. It will be good for us to take action on a right time and change the scenario of our lives.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Soon, I’ll come up with more fascinating topics till then take a very good care of your self and Happy new year to my all amazing followers.




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